Assault and Battery/Assault with a Deadly Weapon


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Monterey assault and battery defense lawyer Julie Crawford is an extremely experienced attorney who will create a powerful defense plan designed just for your case.  Julie Crawford will give you free, confidential and honest advice about the assault and battery charges you are facing.

Criminal Penalties in California for Domestic Violence

Monterey assault and battery lawyer Julie Crawford will protect and defend you against the potential consequences of these charges.

While assault and battery are different crimes, convictions for either charge can result in many different possible sentences.  In the most serious circumstances, a conviction may be a strike under California's Three Strikes Law.  Some convictions can result in jail or prison time. But, often this is not the case.  Some convictions will lead to a ban on possessing firearms.

Defense Strategies for Assault and Battery Cases

Assault does not require physical contact - merely trying to hit someone is enough. However battery does require contact with another person.

Ms. Crawford will discuss with you in confidence the possibility of a self-defense argument.  Other possible defenses to these charges are: defense of others; the amount of force used was only that which was needed; you did not have the ability to inflict harm; and, your action was not willful.

Monterey assault and battery lawyer Julie Crawford will explain these laws and defenses to you and how she will creatively defend your case.  Assault and battery are typically misdemeanors, resulting in fines and possible jail time. Sometimes, people care most about protecting their criminal. Penalties can be significantly reduced with an experienced defense lawyer on your side against the most serious or minor charges. Monterey assault and battery defense lawyer Julie Crawford will passionately and creatively defend your rights.

Assault with a Deadly Weapon

The charge of assault with a deadly weapon is typically a felony.  However, it is a "wobbler", so it can be filed as or reduced to a misdemeanor.  Someone convicted of an assault with a deadly weapon as a felony may face a strike and state prison time.

Attorney Julie Crawford has over a decade of experience protecting clients facing assault charges.  Call a highly-qualified attorney who will protect and guide you beginning with a free and confidential consultation.  Do not talk to the police.  Call an attorney first.

Assault and battery lawyer Julie Crawford is prepared to defend you wherever you are in Salinas, Monterey, and surrounding communities. For honest, creative legal representation and aggressive defense of your rights, contact Attorney Julie Crawford at (831) 783-0222 now.

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