Monterey DUI Consequences


DUI consequences can be very serious in Monterey County (courthouse located in Salinas).  You may have been stopped on Alvarado Street in Monterey where the police like to wait for people leaving the bars.  You may have been pulled over on Hwy. One near Seaside or arrested on Hwy. 101 in Salinas.

Call Phillip Crawford now to start building your defense.  He is the only Monterey/Salinas DUI attorney who is taking DUI cases to trial and winning them.  Therefore, the district attorney takes him very seriously.  DUI is all Phillip does, so he knows how to win.

Below are possible consequences of a Monterey first offense DUI conviction and some possible reduced charges, such as a "wet reckless" and "dry reckless."  And, there are others, including various infractions (which are moving violations and are not crimes), and of course, dismissal or acquittal. For specific information that applies to your charges see the other subcategories under the DUI heading and contact our office to schedule a free consultation.

A DUI conviction is "priorable" for ten years.  That means that a second DUI conviction within ten years will result in substantially increased penalties.   Therefore, it is crucial to have the most experienced Monterey DUI lawyer on your side.  Read more about "priorability"

DUI charges are sometimes reduced to either a "wet reckless" or a "dry reckless."  A wet reckless is essentially a reduced penalty DUI and it is "priorable" for ten years.  A dry reckless is not a DUI and is therefore not priorable. Mr. Crawford always prefers to have charges reduced to a "dry reckless" when possible because this charge is much less serious and is not "priorable".  That means that if you were to be arrested for DUI again in the next ten years, the new charge would be considered a first offense.

The differences between a Wet Reckless, Dry Reckless and a First Offense DUI are listed below.

First Offense DUI

  • Priorable for ten years (if you are convicted of a second DUI within ten years, the first offense will increase the penalties in the new offense)
  • Up to six months in county jail (most people will not go to jail and will only do a few days in the Sheriff's Work Alternative Program)
  • 3 Month First Offender DUI School (two hours a week for three months)
  • 9 Month DUI School if the blood alcohol level is 0.20% or higher
  • Standard Fines (approximately $2000)
  • One year informal (non-reporting) probation.
  • Driver's license suspension as a result of the court conviction
  • A second suspension if you lose your DMV hearing
  • Increased insurance rates
  • The court may order you to install an ignition interlock device (IID) for up to six months.

Wet Reckless

  • Priorable for ten years
  • Up to 90 days in county jail (most people will not do jail time or any work alternative if they receive a wet reckless) 
  • 12 hour wet reckless DUI School (not required in all cases)
  • Reduced fines (usually about $1000)
  • One year informal (non-reporting) probation
  • No license suspension as a result of the court conviction
  • 30 day no driving period and first offender DUI class if you lose your DMV hearing

Dry Reckless

  • Not a priorable offense (a "dry" is non-alcohol-related reckless driving charge and does not count as a prior DUI on your record)
  • Up to 90 days in county jail (most people will not do jail time or any work-alternative)
  • No DUI school as a result of the court case.
  • Greatly reduced fines (usually under $1000)
  • 1 year informal non-reporting court probation
  • No license suspension as a result of the court conviction
  • 30 day no driving period and 3-month DUI school only if you lose your DMV hearing

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