Drug Sales Charges

Drug Sales & Transportation Charges in California

We focus on defending Drug Sales and Transportation offenses in Monterey County Superior Court and have had countless charges dismissed or reduced to simple possession.

Drug Sales and Transportation is defined as the "illegal sale or transportation of a controlled substance." The prosecutor has to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the defendant was aware the illegal drugs were in his or her possession and that he/she intended to sell or transport the illegal controlled substances.

Attacking Illegal Police Searches

Any constitutional violations committed by the police can result in case dismissal from the outset. Your constitutional rights may have been violated.  Were you pulled over for a legal reason?  Did the police have a lawful reason to search you and/or your car?  Did the police lawfully enter and search your home?  These are just a few questions that must be addressed and could possibly lead to your case being dismissed. (Read here about how illegal search and seizure by the police can result in dismissal of your case).

Also, when the police do not get fingerprints from the container or wrapping where the drugs were located, we can often use that to contest who those substance belonged to and argue that the defendant cannot be responsible for the sale of drugs or transportation of drugs.

Criminal Penalties in California for Drug Sales and Transportation

Penalties for the conviction of drug crimes are extremely severe. Sale and Transportation Drug Offenses carry the possibility of being sentenced to county jail or even state prison.  The maximum prison sentence for a felony sales conviction is five years in state prison and nine years for a transportation conviction.

It is therefore critical to make sure that you retain the services of a qualified drug sales attorney who excels at defending sales and transportation accusations.

Therefore, in cases where you or a loved one is charged with drug sales or transportation in violation of Health and Safety Code Sections 11352 (cocaine, heroin, prescription meds) and 11379 (methamphetamine and prescription meds), call our Monterey County drug sales lawyers.  We will give you a free and confidential consultation and devise a defense plan specifically for your case.  (831) 783-0222.

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