Multiple Offense DUI



A second DUI conviction within ten years can result in increased jail time, a two-year license suspension (longer if you refused a chemical test) and a requirement to complete the 18-month alcohol education program.  The jail time can usually be served in either the Work Alternative Program, or in supervised home confinement.  

If you install an ignition interlock device and file an SR-22 (proof of insurance) you will be eligible for a restricted driver's license after the completion of a "no-drive" period.  This period is one year if you were still on probation for the prior DUI and ninety days if you were not still on probation.

The probationary period does not change on a multiple offense DUI.  In Monterey County it is five years of informal, non-reporting probation.  In most other counties the period is three years.


If this is your third DUI in ten years, you are facing a jail sentence of at least 120 days. Many judges will want you to serve at least part of this time in county jail and the rest in either the Work Alternative Program or in supervised home confinement.  Hiring the right attorney can determine whether you actually end up serving time behind bars.

You may be a candidate for DUI treatment court, which Mr. Crawford will also discuss with you and is another option to help you stay out of jail.

Second and third offense DUIs are still misdemeanors as long as nobody was injured.  A fourth offense DUI is virtually always filed as a felony.  Read here about Felony DUI consequences.

Mr. Crawford wins challenging DUI cases. Most recently, he got a dismissal for a client with a .15% blood alcohol level and not a "not guilty" verdict for a client with a .28% blood test result. 

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